Moving “home”?

I signed Ryan up for preschool this week. The final decision came down to the two best preschools in our town, one of which Mike attended 29 years ago. We say we moved back home. But I didn’t really move home. I moved to my husband’s home ....more

Father’s Day.

This one time, I married a really good guy. And I thought to myself, “He’d be a really great dad.” September 2010 ...more

My little charmer.

My kid is charming. I began suspecting this might be the case a couple of months ago, and the charm continues to become more overt every day. Examples: 1. If I tell him it’s time for a nap, he says, “I no take a nap, no thank you. Maybe yater. Maybe yater I take a nap. Not now, no thank you.” 2. When I ask him what he wants to do in the morning, he says, “I eat my breakfast, ...more

The ‘What do you do?’ question.

Having moved across the country twice in the same decade, I think I am qualified enough to tell you that the most annoying part of the whole process is switching over one’s car insurance, registration and license. (One thing I loved about Arizona was that your license was valid for like 40 years. So I could have waltzed into a bar at age 60 and flashed an ID featuring a shining, newly married 26-year-old face. I was tempted to stay ...more

The places he’ll go.

 Oh, the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games to be won. ...more

Toddler in-the-momentness and how I use it to my advantage.

One of the equally frustrating and endearing things about toddlers is how in the moment they are. Running upstairs to grab a jacket isn’t a quick chore – it’s a trek in which the toddler must walk like a monkey while carrying a toy dinosaur who stomps his way up alongside him. And you must follow exactly one stair behind – close enough to reassure that you’re coming but not too closely as to seem as though you are rushing the monkey ....more

My SAHM Epiphany.

I think … I might actually … like … staying at home. No one is more shocked about this than me (followed closely by my husband). I’ll just say it: I was afraid I was going to hate staying home with my son.* I feared I would miss the adult interaction, the professional stimulation, that moment in the morning where I decided which heels best matched my dress and rushed out of the house because I had so many important things to do at ...more

Mother’s Day.

A couple of days ago, Ryan woke up from a nap and really wanted to watch Mickey. I explained that I really needed to go to Target. I put on my best pathetic, pleading look and said “Ryan, please … Go with me to Target. I can’t go without you! I loooove Target. Pleeeeease. Go with me?” I braced for a tantrum but instead, he flashed me a sweet smile and said, “Ok, Mommy. We go bye-byes now. I watch ...more

It’s ok to be over it now and then.

The gym I’ve been going to recently has a children’s play area. For $3, I can drop Ryan off for up to an hour and a half while I work out. The room is full of cars, trucks, art supplies, a small climbing area, even a TV complete with a library of Disney movies. The employees who work in this “Kids’ Club,” as it’s called, clearly enjoy working with kids. They sit at the little tables with them to color ...more

Parenting is hard.

That’s what I told my husband today: Parenting is hard. It’s sort of obvious, right? Abstractly, one knows that raising a human from infancy to adulthood must be somewhat complicated. You want to enforce discipline while also showering love. Instill morals, self-reliancy, generosity. You aim to comfort but not spoil. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, your kid slaps you across the face, laughs, and says “I got you face!” ...more