How are new moms supported in Bangladesh?

So often when we hear stories from developing countries, it is all about despair. That is partly reality and partly a result of the way media covers things. I didn't know exactly what to expect in Bangladesh, but I certainly thought "despair" would be part of it. Interestingly, after two days of learning about and visiting the programs being implemented by Save the Children and its parters in Bangladesh, I've seen more progress and results and hope than despair....more

Tell Nestlé that formula doesn't PROTECT babies

I should add that my quote from my previous post, "The thing is, all of those protections and ...more

I cheated...and it was great.

There are lots of advantages to being in a committed relationship with someone you trust. They know what you want and how you like it. They know when it is time to change things up a bit. You feel comfortable and satisfied. But what happens when you have to go away for a while? Who will take care of your needs? This is exactly what I was contemplating as I made plans to head overseas to Berlin for 4 months. ...more

The last time I cheated on a stylist was the first time a new stylist ever made me cry. I ...more

The power of twitter

I like to socialize. If it weren't for the Internet, I think I would have found being a mom very difficult. The truth is, we don't often get babysitters to go out for a night on the town. But message boards, MSN messenger and more recently twitter have given me the opportunity to have an active social life from the comfort of my basement and my PJs. ...more

In my conference wrap up. Our interaction really tickled me.



Typology of the Bad Mother

There has been a lot of talk lately about bad mothers. Is bad good or is bad bad? I linked to one of the discussions on this issue in my post yesterday and the newspapers seem peppered with them the past few days too. ...more

Blog ethics and exposing biased commenters

It has happened twice, that I know of. ...more

Shaking the Bush out of America

Cross posted at PhD in Parenting.  ...more

No matter your politics. This is WRONG and I'm outraged. This does not sound like things that ...more

Breastfeeding on Children's Television

I just posted the first in what I hope will be a series of posts on where we got off track. By that I mean where society has gone in the wrong direction in terms of our child rearing practices, with potentially detrimental effects on ...more

Sleeping with your baby: What are the benefits? Is it safe?

The choice of where your baby is going to sleep is a personal and family-specific decision. A lot of parents have a preconceived notion about where their baby will sleep and then the baby's temperment changes all of that. A lot of the information available in the media and from public health authorities on co-sleeping (or bed sharing) is inaccurate and may serve to dissuade parents from making a choice that would work well for their family. If you want to learn more about co-sleeping to decide if it is right for your family and also how to make it safe, please read on: ...more

I co-slept with both my kids. I barely woke to breastfeed (roll, plop out boob, roll back). ...more

Quelling crazed consumerism

Cross posted at PhD in Parenting.  I want that I need that I like that I want it I want that I want this ...more

Thanks for your comment. That is a really great point. I see it already in our 20 month old ...more