Letter 6

Dear Heavenly Father, I’m sitting at home watching, Under the Tuscan Sun, identifying with so much of what Francis is going through, minus the divorce and different country living. There isn’t much else to do when you’re sick other than watch movies while you think about where your life is going. ...more

Letter 5

Dear Heavenly Father, You know that Metallica song that goes, “… Hold my breath as I wish for death. Oh, God please wake me.” I’ve felt like that for a while. I don’t have the drive to write much of a letter, instead I’ll make you a list. I don’t know if it will help you, but possibly, hopefully, it will make things easier for me. Garbage:My computer crashed, which is why I haven’t written in so long.I feel ungrateful for what I have.I feel like it’s not enough....more

Letter 4

Dear Heavenly Father, Checking in. Wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you. Also wanted to let you know that this week was terrible. ...more

Letter 3

Dear Heavenly Father, I haven’t talked to you in a while. Sorry about that. First off let me say a major big thank you for taking care of grandma. She’s doing mucho better, walking, having conversations, and taking showers by herself. We are very happy, mom, the family, and me. I’m writing for several reasons, all of which are basically to say a big, fat, I-love-you-so-very-much, thank you! ...more

Letter 2

Dear God, Grandma is sick. I have no doubt that you know but I needed to talk. She’s always been there through my life. Heck, she lived down the street from me for a good portion of it. It is hard for me to picture my life without her and I’m concerned. I say ‘concerned’ and not, ‘worried,’ or ‘scared,’ because, (and I’ve thought about this quite hard) I’m not worried about where she’s going and I certainly am not scared about it either. I am, however, concerned about the manner in which she is going to get there and how much I am going to miss her when she goes....more

Letter 1

Dear Heavenly Father,I realized this past weekend that I have spent an entire year doing not a single thing to better myself. I haven't gained anything spiritually, mentally, or physically, (which is nice in some ways though I'd really like to gain a great body. We'll work on that later.) The most annoying part about this problem is that I have no one to blame but myself....more