KISS MY FACE's New Pure and Potent Line, Contest Giveaway

Kiss My Face Organic Skin Care Line Review and Give-Away Win a Supply of their full line of Potent and Pure By Patty Howe Hey girls (and guys)!!  It’s give-away time here at Gathering Home.  Just send us your top five skin-care rituals by April 30, 2009 and you could win the full line of Potent and Pure, the new organic skin-care line from Kiss My Face (12 products!!), along ...more

Criminalizing Small Farms, With HR 875

     Proposed legislation, HR 875, is a major threat to sustainable farming and the local food movement. Supported by the deep pockets and political influence of Monsanto,  this legislation places small farms throughout the country under federal jurisdiction and would give the federal government the authority to appointdesignated ~ Sadministrators~T (lobbyist, consultants, private contractors, etc.) and... continue at ...more

Gathering Home Tips for Giving Thanks

Greening up your Thanksgiving and other Holiday celebrations is easy.  Here are GH tips for just that! ~Use e-card invitations (like  to let guests know your plans. ~Suggest ride sharing to your guests.  Encourage fewer emissions! ...more

The GoodGuide, A Great Product Resource

If you're like me, you've wondered about the safety of the products you use (shampoo, soap, lotions and cleaning supplies). ...more

Fair Trade Month - How YOU Can Help

Basic Principles of Fair Trade• Fair price: Democratically organized farmer groups receive a guaranteed minimum floor price and an additional premium for certified organic products. Farmer organizations are also eligible for pre-harvest credit. continue reading at - ...more

Green Fun For Kids

The Scrap Kins are a group of creatures that live in a recycling center and build their world out of the things people throw away. The Scrap Kins mission is to foster eco-awareness... continue reading at- ...more

Halloween -- Only Happier -- Eco ideas!

      Little has been done to tackle the documented problem of forced child labor on many of the farms that supply cocoa to the major chocolate manufacturers. Consider helping to spread the word by passing out the enlightening cards you can find in the Reverse Halloween Kit (Oct 13th is the deadline for ordering) from... ...more

Quick Autumn Green Home Tips

     With Autumn almost here, it will soon be getting cold (It will, won't it??) and you’ll be reaching for the thermostat to keep your home warm.  But, before you blast the house with heat, try the following…   continue reading at ...more

Lawsuits Filed Against Artificial Turf Manufacturers

With football and soccer season underway, it's a good time wonder about what many of the high school and college athletes are playing on. Some say there's more to artificial turf than meets the eye, and the continue reading at ...more

Helpful Links for New Mommys

New moms need all the help they can get. Below you’ll find links to sites with safe products and information on food, health, and well being to help you begin your exciting journey into motherhood. to continue reading, click ...more