The Prevaricator

Call my dad a prevaricator. He would start a story and it would go here, then go off track, weaving and winding around, making things up as he went along and never got to the point. We were sitting at the dinner table once in September. I know it was September because I had just brought home a brand new spelling book from school. I accidentally tore the front cover and I was very worried about it. It was fresh and new and I was disappointed that I ripped it. I taped it back together and it was almost like new again. I never was a very good speller....more

Stewed Tomatoes and Corn

Sue is one of those people who are right-brained and left-brained. There is a word for that, but if I go look it up, I will spend the next forty-five minutes surfing the internet, looking at shoes on, looking at hats on, looking at suspenders on and checking my bank balance. I say she is right-brain/left-brain because she earns her living at a left-brain occupation, however all her interests involve art, music, writing, and other right-brain activities. ...more

Pie is Good

Yesterday, Sue went to ‘just look’ at new cars and drove home in one. This morning she had to go back to the dealer to finish up some paperwork and I got my first ride in it. On the radio, there was a story on NPR about the Mag Instrument Company who makes the Maglite flashlights. Did you know they do all their manufacturing right in California? The only things they outsource overseas are the tiny bulbs they use in the mini Maglites. It is amazing and wonderful to me that these are fully manufactured right here. Or rather, over there…in California. ...more