America Is Not Safe

Wake up, America. Terrorism doesn’t come from a faceless person overseas, it’s coming from your neighbor here, in America....more
As a black woman, I know exactly how you feel. I am surprised to see that people of other races ...more

My American Han for #Ferguson

Right now, I am not sure if I should rage or if I should cry. I’m sitting here just stuffing my feelings inside because I am unsure of where we go from here.  Inside, I have a mix of anger, frustration, disappointment, helplessness, sadness, grief, despair, and heartbreak.I have been unable to write about the death of Michael Brown and about Ferguson. I was glued to the stories in disbelief. Was this really happening in America? In 2014? Did we really not make any kind of advances as a society?...more

"We Were Strangers Once, Too." The President, Immigration, and Me

Last night, I turned on the television to prepare for Scandal and saw the President (Obama, not Fitz) talking about immigration. Did you watch it, too? If you didn’t catch it, here is the whole thing from C-Span (it was just 15 minutes).There were a few things that he said which reminded me of my own family and how we got here. It reminded me why my parents immigrated and why so many others immigrated here to the United States....more

Oh My! The Day I Met George Takei

November 3, 2014 will go down in history for me. It was the day that I met George Takei—in person, shook his hand, and took a picture with him. I was on the phone with my grandmother while heading to the T station when I saw him. I immediately told my grandmother that I would have to call her back and ran after him as he went inside the building. My heart was beating 100 miles an hour and I was trying really hard not be a crazy fan girl....more
I love his facebook posts! Seeing him in the old Star Trek is still great to see. Love him!!more

The Lunch Date

If you get to know me, you will soon realize that I love being around people. I am mostly an extrovert by nature and have greatly disliked doing things by myself.Eating alone, watching a movie alone, walking alone, driving alone, being at home alone… You get the idea. There were many things I did not enjoy doing on my own.During my twenties, I challenged myself to do two things alone - dining out and watching a movie. It was one of the hardest things I tried doing....more

Too Busy To Take A Picture

This weekend was a whirlwind. Ninjette went trick-or-treating with some friends in Brookline and it was quite the experience! I had never seen a street shut down and hundreds of families swarming from house to house for candy. It was a sight. The coolest part of the experience for me was going to the JFK birth house and seeing a bit of history. In the busyness of it all, I forgot to take pictures of the kids in costume....more

On Patience or Surviving “I Do It Myself”

"I do it myself!" was a phrase I was hearing since Ninjette turned 18 months or so. In the beginning, it was pretty cute and so adorable. I admired her desire for independence and her valiant and persistent efforts. ...more