Review: The girl you left behind

I haven't intended to write and publish a review today, but one book keeps popping into my head....more

The power of one man

A few years ago I went to Auschwitz, former concentration camp, in Poland. Walking through the camp, being there, listening to the stories, watching the photos ... touched me so immensely I still feel like someone sat on my chest every time I think of it. We are used of seeing horrible images on TV, but being there, listening to a guide talk about your people, 15.000 people from my country (we are a country of 2 million people) died there, is nothing you can prepare yourself for....more

Dangerous voices, Rae Carson

In the midst of all insanity I love taking time to immerse myself into the fictional world of stories. I love books, and I love reading. There is nothing in this world that gives me more peace, and joy than a good story does, especial when I can feel the paper of the book, when I can look at it's cover, smell the fresh printed sheets, and feel the weight in my hands....more

Why stories matter

I usually read a book or two per week, letting myself disappear in a world of imagination, in worlds so different from my own. But this week brought me so many unexpected enquiries for work that I didn't have time to read. Instead, I thought about people who sent me these enquiries. I thought about their stories....more