We will…Listen

Jacob has a new app on his tablet that allows him to record his own voice and play it back. ...more

There Are Always Reasons to Dance: The 45th Birthday Celebration

We’ve been doing this a while now. Celebrating my birthday in this space. I have such wonderful memories of adding ...more

This is 7

This is seven…. ...more

First, The Flowers (The Ben Stories)

It is the anniversary of Ben’s death today. A year without him and our family swings between denial, disbelief and dedication to loving each other and helping one another through the really bad days. I had promised months ago that I would share some of the stories (miracles, really) that have taken place since his […] ...more

This House Needs a Mouse (A Book Review)

The book showed up and we all fell in love with the cover. My first grade readers were intrigued. “This…house…neds (no!) neeeeeds (needs!)…a…mouse!” “Ewww!” “Mommy? ...more

Building a Dream

Once upon a time John and I were building a house and then, just as suddenly, we weren’t. Life can take your journey toward a dream on any number of paths, it can tear down one notion of happiness only to plant the seed of it somewhere else. Eight years ago John and I had […] ...more

Happiness is The Holiday Collections from Shutterfly

When does Christmas find you? Every year, right after Halloween, I find myself in the Christmas spirit. Humming carols, sipping hot chocolate and dreaming of the warmth, joy and peace of my very favorite season of the year ....more

Boys and Bingo : Pour Your Heart Out

Jacob picked orange even as its front proclaimed the color as pumpkin and Gio picked red, because they were all out of pink. He begrudgingly followed us to the table and sat down next to me, smoothing the small tall stack of flimsy boards that were newspaper-like in their texture. Uncapping the oversized marker he […] ...more

The Wait is Over: LTYM is coming to the Lehigh Valley!

There is no way ...more

Why I’m Not Participating in NaBloPoMo

Many of my friends and fellow writers are knee deep in words right now. They are writing and publishing, commenting and let’s face it…not sleeping. NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo are in full swing ....more