5 Tips for Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

January 1st is an important date for a lot of people. It’s a fresh start – the first day of a new year – and can be the...more

A Winter ONEderland First Birthday Party

We threw...more

A Healthy Snack Giveaway from The Good Bean!

The Good Bean is one of my favorite healthy snack companies. They make delicious, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, kosher, non-GMO chickpea and bean snacks that are high in fiber, high in protein and low in sugar! It doesn’t get much healthier than that ....more

Vegetarian Panang Curry with Tofu

Thai food is probably my favorite type of Asian food. Something about those creamy coconut curries mixed with veggies, tofu, nuts and spices just makes for such a cozy one-pot meal. When I make Thai food at home, I usually stick to my Yellow Curry, because it is guaranteed to be delicious and satisfying every time, and I figured – why mess with that? ...more

The Top 10 Baby Superfoods and Recipe Ideas

Babies don’t eat that much in a given day because their tummies are so small. Which is why its important to make sure that the foods they do eat are packed with nutrients. But honestly, these 10 foods could be considered “the top 10 superfoods for anyone” – not just for babies! ...more

Recipe Ideas Your Baby Will Love

As your baby gets older, and especially after 12 months – they can really just eat what you eat! Between 8-12 months, I started giving Layla tastes of everything we were eating (with the exception of milk, honey and nuts) to start easing her into it. She didn’t love everything at first, but now she is a very open and excited eater – she will eat and enjoy just about anything and she eats what we eat for dinner most nights! ...more

A sample feeding schedule for your baby (6-12 months)

Schedules and babies mix really, really well. They keep things predictable for you, they help your baby to understand when meal times, nap times and bedtime are, and they give babies much needed structure in their day. Babies on a schedule sleep better and longer, eat better, and are generally in a better mood than babies whose days are constantly changing ....more

Chunky Black Bean Soup

This black bean soup might be one of my favorite recipes of all time. When the husband ate it, he said: this might even be better than your vegetarian chili...more

My Top 10 Favorite Healthy Recipes of 2014

Happy (almost) new year!! 2014 was an amazing year for me filled with lots of changes: new baby, new jobs (for both me and the husband), new move (to Ann Arbor), new home … and lots of new recipes....more

Baby Food Recipes: Indian Lentil Stew

Lentils, rice and veggies in a “stew” are one of the easiest meals to make for your little one. In India, it’s called...more