Wax v. Lotion - the Leg Hair Wars!

I hate my legs. It’s true! They are weirdly shaped, easily bruised, and always dry. But the worst part about them is the hair. I have very dark leg hair which is compounded by very large pores, which means even when my legs are hair-free, they still look stubbly (at least, to me). I’ve long along given up shaving, because no matter what products I used or how careful I was, I would end up with terribly itchy legs for about 20 minutes after shaving. It was infuriating and to me, intolerable....more
Just wanted to follow up on this post -- I have used the Veet once a week for 3 weeks since I ...more

What's so magic about Magic Mike?

So, I finally got around to watching Magic Mike. Honestly, it wasn't on my to-do list or anything, I'd just had a rotten day and I thought it would be a lighthearted romp with a few sexy abs to cheer me up. What I got was ... a little distressing. And not just because there was very little plot, an enormous amount of mumbling, and almost every scene seemed to be tinted green, but because there was more female frontal nudity in the movie than male nudity! Excuse me, I thought I signed up to see a movie about male strippers?...more