Life with Boys: Soaking it in

Mr. A has been home on leave since June 29th.  He returns to USNA on the 22nd.  That's more than 3 weeks of leave.  His longest leave period to date and probably the one of the longest he'll ever have.I haven't posted very often this month because I've been engaged in a different way.  I've been absorbed with watching my sons be brothers, my husband be a father, and all of my guys... well, be guys.  I love it.  Sure, ...more

69 Calories

My Sweetie is on a quest to find a lower calorie beer that tastes good. To me, low-calorie beer is like fat-free cheese, caffeine-free soda, or sugar-free cookies. Why bother. But to be supportive, I didn’t rush S to make a selection the other day at Publix. Instead, I crossed my arms tightly across my boobs and tried to distract myself from the chill by pretending to be interested in all of the beer in the cooler. In an effort to promote ...more

Four Years

Four years ago today I had my spinal fusion surgery. Ok, the anniversary of a surgery is an odd thing to acknowledge every year. But my back surgery was a huge deal for me. The recovery was the most difficult thing I’ve ever endured both physically and emotionally. Nothing I’d ever care to repeat. I can honestly say that I didn’t know what to expect and totally underestimated just how damn hard it would be. ...more

Table for Four

Our kitchen table is a depository for stuff. Everything and anything gets dropped there. The kitchen table is in the center of the house so it’s the easiest place to put something down and then grab later. Keys. Sunglasses. Computer bags. Mail. Books. Book bags. Laptops. Water bottles. Hats. Cameras. Camera bags. Pencils. Notepads. Magazines. Catalogs. Etc. ...more

My Point of View

I have myself twisted into knots today regarding family drama.  My Sweetie tells me that I shouldn't do this to myself.  I agree but can't seem to help it.  At this point, I just feel like I'm banging my head against a wall.  I want to scream,Take a look from my point of view!!!!Perhaps if I say it again...Below is a partial re-post from April 14, 2010.**** ...more

Haircut minus 1


Living with Debby

Tropical Storm Debby came to visit last week. Apparently, she liked Florida so much that she decided to stay for a while. Well, I feel it’s time for her to leave. One of the trade-offs of living in the Sunshine State year-round is enduring tropical storms and sometimes hurricanes. Now I love rainy, grey weather and enjoy a nice breeze. But when the rain is blowing sideways, everything changes. For the past several days my life has included: ...more

Birthday Smiles

Someone amazing popped into the world 16 years ago today. That someone is G-Man. The kid with the smile that lights up the entire room. He is the first person I ever really met that smiles with his entire face. His smile is a magnet and people are just drawn to him ....more

Testing My Patience

Ever want to run out to the front yard, shake your fist in the air, and exclaim, Why, Universe? Why? OK, that might be a bit overly dramatic. But when life plops one more thing in your lap to test your patience (or your resolve), do you pause and say, Really? Now? Couldn’t you go bug someone else for a week? ...more


The environment at my workplace continues to be challenging.  There are also quite a few personalities that are a challenge to work with on a daily basis.  But at the same time, there are some gems.Last week, a co-worker was having a particularly bad day.  She looked as if she was about to burst into tears.  I asked if she was ok.  She ranted extremely vaguely about difficult situations in the office.  I listened quietly. She topped off her rant ...more