Mind Your Own Boobies!!!

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Naming My Last Baby

When I was sixteen and hoped someday to have a dozen children, part of me just wanted to be able to name them all.  I still feel that way, and I absolutely love going through name books and choosing names.I've discovered though, that choosing a list of my favourite hypothetical names is MUCH different than choosing a name for an actual person.  When I named my daughter, I had so many things to consider:What 'kind' or 'style' of name do I want to choose?What are our thoughts on spelling?...more

Baby Gets Head Stuck Under Bed

I was aimlessly wandering the interweb this evening, not knowing what to blog about, when I hear my daughter whimpering from her bedroom.She had wedged her head beneath her bed...So she gave me this post.Thank you - my beautiful, hilarious and clumsy daughter!...more

Bumbo Blame: Why Must We Always Point Fingers?

For the most part, product recalls don't affect me much. Either I'm using recalled items and I'm unaware of the recall, or I just don't happen to own many things that have been recalled. The recent Bumbo recall is so aggravating to me, because I love our Bumbo seat and I hope to continue using it for Baby #2, who is expected to arrive this November. What bothers me even more, however, is the negative media response to this; one that seeks to place the blame on someone. Many people are defending the Bumbo seat, but at the cost of blaming the parents for irresponsibility or inattention. In some cases I am sure children fell from Bumbo seats because parents were truly being inattentive -- but even this does not indicate the need to point fingers....more
Man, this story makes my heart stop. I have a nine-month old and accidents happen and it is hard ...more

My Dollhouse!

When my Dad died last month, I felt like I lost a big part of myself.Thankfully, he left me with two significant heirlooms to cherish and remember him by.One is a handmade steelstring guitar that he and I designed together, with inlay up the fretboard taken from a drawing that I created.The second is a homemade dollhouse that he built for me when I was six or seven.  It needs a ton of work, but I'm hoping to clean it up and have it ready for my daughters to play with in the next couple of years....more

Fair vs. Equal

I came across this post on The Minimalist Mom's blog, and being opinionated - wanted to rant a bit about it!The premise of this post is that 'Fair is not always equal', which I agree with COMPLETELY! She does, however, go on to use a few examples that I would argue are still not 'fair', but maybe that's just me......more

I Never Thought I'd Pray for My Dad to Die...

Almost exactly two years ago, my Dad suffered his first in a series of 'stroke-like-events' that would continue to occur at almost regular intervals.We thought we were going to lose him.  He couldn't speak, he suddenly couldn't walk, and he couldn't make sense of anything around him.  We had no idea how to deal with this sort of thing, having never experienced it before, and really had no idea what to expect....more

Can Grandparents Be Too Involved?

Yesterday, my husband's parents asked if they could take our daughter to the parade in their city. Since we had a number of things to get done that day -- all of which would be easier without a toddler in tow -- it seemed like a great situation for all of us. Clara got to enjoy the day, as did her Grandparents, and we were able to get our stuff done. Why was I conflicted?...more
I hope you got away from your parents... Don't wait because they will ruin your son and he will ...more

Midwives and Doulas and Home Births... Oh My!

I started watching a documentary called 'The Business of Being Born' which is an American commentary on their maternity healthcare system as well as the controversial topic of midwives and homebirths. I am Canadian, and although we are similar to the US in many ways, our healthcare system is quite different so much of the documentary wasn't really relevant to my situation and didn't warrant too much energy on my part - that is, I didn't feel the need to fact check because it didn't apply to me anyway....more

Moms Can Be So Mean...

I am so mad - absolutely reeling...I was just kicked out of a forum website for mothers because I voiced an opinion that 'the community' did not condone. I was shocked at their response to one of my posts - because it was in no way rude or attacking or judging, I promise, and I wish I had been able to log back on to copy the posts so I could prove it, but they'd already deleted my account.Ok, I'll just out with it and I hope I don't make any enemies here either......more
Thank you! I feel so attacked! And as a mother - of COURSE I second guess myself constantly, but ...more