what happened next.

When Chris left for the hospital with Charlie, I still had my hands full at the house with six kids 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, and 5 months....more

sunday's child.


what happened last saturday.

A week ago today, we were having a great morning quickly becoming afternoon....more

sunday's child.


Pearl turned 8 on May 3rd

What can I say about Pearl that can truly explain just how fabulous she is?...more

before I forget.

Jasper has been complaining that no one pinches his fat cheeks anymore. I have a new favorite place that Chris takes me to after church almost every Sunday evening. We found it one night after leaving the kids at home to grub on bagels and cream cheese ....more

in the van again.

The week we got home from Bible conference, Chris’ Dad came for a visit from the East Coast. It’s always fun to just hang out with him. This visit was even better this time since it coincided with the girls’ dance recital (more about that in another post)....more

we went to bible conference.

So... right after I broke my wrist and rib, we were in full force getting ready for our annual Bible conference which we have been fortunate enough to attend the last...more

all better.

I can finally type on my computer. My wrist is all better with just a little pain from learning to use it again. I have been spoiled and well cared for since having a broken wrist and rib ....more

sunday's child.