before i forget.

Today I turned forty-one. Today my computer started working. My kids will grow up having the best childhood at the expense of my sanity ....more


We're back home. My computer crashed. And it's too difficult to post on this phone of mine ....more

birthday vacation.

We’re on my birthday vacation still and there’s hardly anyone at the resort. It would be safe to say that this is the quietest it has ever been since we started coming five years ago. I love that-- I don’t need a crowd.. ....more

before i forget.

I always thought, “If I only had a housekeeper, my life would be perfect.” Well, I have a housekeeper now that comes a few times a month and guess what? I still have problems....more

my day.

My Mother’s day started on Friday per my request....more

before i forget.

I told my kids that River is not supposed to be in my class at church since he wasn’t old enough. They happily reminded me that he is now three. On a blog post a couple weeks ago, I wrote that Sophia was nine ....more

Isaiah 61:1

What a blessing you are to us already. May you live up to the name you've been given. We will be here to lead you, guide you and love you as you grow both in wisdom and in stature ....more

in the tiki tiki room.

We had a really great time last night celebrating Parker and Ethan....more