Pinterest Projects - Bunny Eggs

This year Bean's class will have an Easter party and egg hunt.  All the students had to bring in filled eggs for the egg hunt.  I found this adorable idea one day on Pinterest and thought it would be a great activity for us to do. Look at how cute those ribbon eggs are.  These are the creation of Christina from I Gotta Create! ...more

Update on the charity walk that wasn't.

Last week I shared that I would be participating in a weekend charity walk for breast cancer survivors.  Sadly, our walk did not happen.  I got up Saturday morning to thunder and lightening.  I was hoping that it would blow over by the time the walk started.  It rained on me the whole way there but as soon as I pulled into the parking lot it stopped. ...more

Does this look like a happy kid to you?

Does this look like a happy kid to you? I think it does. ...more

Dr. Seuss stealing my thunder.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I recently celebrated my birthday.  You know who else was cool enough to be born in March? Dr. Seuss. That's right.  All the cool people are born in March.  Except Bean.  She's a January baby and that's pretty cool, too. Bean's school, just like all the other preschools all over the country usually spend the first week of March celebrating Dr. Seuss and his work. ...more

My child is different and I think that's cool.

I know we are all different.  That's what makes us all so cool. And truthfully, any 5 year-old at any given time could honestly be thought of as "different". Bean is definitely "different".  How do I know she's different? Let me show you one way. ...more

Again? Really?

So...Friday was my birthday.  Yes, that's right.  Another year older.  How many years you might ask?  Hush your mouth, I might say. What did I get for my birthday?  Two days of absolute nastiness spent between the couch, the bed and the bathroom.  I will spare you all the gory details but no, it wasn't fun.  It still isn't completely gone and I'm still not having fun with it. ...more

Getting back to ourselves.

The Beanster and I have been quite sick lately.  Especially the Bean. ...more

Pay It Forward

Firstly, I wanted to share a blog I've just found and where the idea of today's post came from.  Please take a minute to visit Amy at Clippie Dips.  She has a wonderful blog and it has probably one of the brightest, cutest layouts I've seen.  I really love all the colors and it's causing me to think about overhauling my layout. ...more

Pinspiring Projects: Valentine's Shirt

Pinterest, as I'm sure some of you already know, is an addictive time-suck of gigantic proportions.  Hubz always rolls his eyes when I say "I found this on Pinterest" or "today on Pinterest".  He knows the rest of the sentence is probably gonna cost him either money or time.  Such is life, huh? ...more