Pretty Pastels – And An Easter Weekend Giveaway!

Pastels aren’t my typical color palette. I tend to go for bolder, richer hues. But this time of year lends itself to soft shades ....more

A Fresh Batch of Pillows

I got the impulse to make some simple and cheery pillows for the shop last week. Despite a list of ‘must-dos,’ I just couldn’t resist. And fittingly for this season, their color schemes remind me of lush, fresh, fruity produce ....more

Color Inspiration: Going Gray

I’m really loving gray these days. It’s a fondness that has slowly creeped up on me, and it’s pretty out of my usual color comfort zone. But it’s such a lovely neutral; ashy or slate hues are a fabulous backdrop for a pop of brightness (especially yellows and pinks). ...more

The Evolution of Inspiration

Quilt ideas come at me from all directions. Sometimes I have to sit and stew, then the right imagery slowly comes to me. Other times, a concept arrives suddenly and unexpectedly, as was the case with this little quilt. ...more

A Week In Pictures

Just a few of the things I’ve admired, coveted, and created this week. ...more

DIY Pom Pom Rug Tutorial

[Editor's Note: I can't knit. I can barely crochet. There I said it. That does not mean I don't still love yarn and want to find ways to play with it. One of my favorite things to do with yarn is make pom poms. They look great as banners, accents on glittered roller skate bookends or in this case as an accent rug. What?!?! - Yup, you heard me - accent rug. I love anything hodge podge, patchwork, colorful - if it looks like something Punky Brewster would want in her house I'm in. This rug not only sounds easy to make, it is adorable. I'd love to have a giant version though I might be making pom poms until I'm 50 for that to happen, which for the record is a REALLY long time away. I mean REALLY long. - Jen]...more


Contemporary Quilts for the Home

Thoughts on Color

People often ask me how I manage to design and create with so much color. For some reason, lots of color seems to come more easily to me. I’m so drawn to rich, bright, bold hues and as far as I’m concerned, the more the better… or so I thought. Recently, I find I’ve been enjoying the exploration of more limited palettes ....more