@Pistachio looking for roomie & room

Hello there. Did not plan very far ahead, as you can see. I love sharing rooms at events not only for the economy of it, but to get to know someone new better than I knew them before. So whether we've "met" online or not, I would love to talk about room sharing for BlogHer? I am in town 17th-24th, but most nights after the conference I am staying with friends in the area. Please give me a shout? laura at pistachio consulting dot com or via Twitter, where I am @pistachio Thanks a BUNCH, LJĀ  ...more

Just to update this that I found a room & roomie. THANKS!more

BlogHer2008 I Cannot Wait!

VERY excited for my first foray into the BlogHer community at BlogHer2008. If you are reading this, thanks a TON for dropping by my page here on BlogHer. I have not been active here, but look forward to learning more about it at the event. I am (hyper) active at: Twitter, My Blog and just generally around the web sometimes... ...more

Welcome to BlogHer, Laura! I'm very much looking forward to meeting you in person at the ...more

Presenting Excellence: Great Presentations Mean Business

Hello Blogher, Relatively new blogger -- blogging has been a major part of my return from double-maternity "leave" (to the extent that consultants can ever really take such a thing) -- having fun with all the changes the "Social Web" has brought. Even considering a blogher conference... ...more