One More Reason I am Screwed

  Winter love ...more

New Pistols New Project

Oh man, this feels good to me. So welcome to the new Pistols + Popcorn. Naked and unbranded, no agenda and not trying to climb any high heights. Most likely I will reach new lows but heh, it’s all sport, right? I was ready for a change and this’ll do. Hope you like it too. ************************** ...more

Burning It Down

So. I started thinking about shutting Pistols + Popcorn down. Nothing has happened that I’m unhappy with, but there are a few things that bug me. Mostly all the PR pitches I get. Now, I could come across as self-important by saying that – I mean it comes across as sort of…”Oh, look at me I’m so important that all these companies want to partner up with me! ME! Yes, M-E!” ...more

Picture Story

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Acupuncture and Back Pain

As shocking as it may seem, being in a sort of smallish body and building two babies at once took a toll on what used to be a pretty strong structure. I’ve always thought I was tonka tough. But two little bouncy boy babies have brought me d-o-w-n. I’m finally admitting defeat, and tapping out ....more

How to Survive a Throwing Up Toddler

Bath #2,456,354 during the sickness. Don't forget how good a bath feels when you're down! ...more

Raw Guys by Emmie

Emmie vs. Manhattan ...more

Falling Dominoes

I’m guessing you’re exhausted. After these holidays, most of us are reaching for that extra cuppa, or maybe just breathing a little deeper, trying to revive after all the excitement and fun of the holidays. If you’re like me, you’ve finished load 2,345,949 of laundry because everything in your home has been thrown up on. Several times. By several different people. Welcome, 2013! ...more

The Secrets and Magic of Being a Mother

Maybe you are a dude, a dad. Or possibly a lady wondering if this mothering thing is up your alley. Perhaps you are a mother, trying to figure out if your normal is actually normal, or if you should start pretending a little harder. I'm writing for you, all of you. But be warned: I'm on day eight of an eleven day stretch of single-parenting this ship. Not only that, but two -- yes two -- of my three man-children are down with fevers. I'm Xena Warrior Princessing this family currently and am under a little distress. ...more

Happy Birthday, RoRo

Roan, Nine Years Old ....more