Something Good

I want to share the newsletter from Twiniversity, a nationwide community based here in NYC made up of (surprise!) families with twins. Or triplets. Or even more-lets. Natalie Diaz runs this show, and she is easily one of the most powerful and huge-hearted women I have ever met ....more

Getting Loud

There’s a difference between being loud, and being noisy. Without exception, I believe that everyone was hit, like a punch to the stomach, with the news on Friday. It is the kind of story that is too monstrous and dark to actually take in all at once. For a person to wage such violence on others is frightening. The truth that he waged it on children is even more black. And so, after we hear this kind of story, ...more

Hiho Batik

On the weekends I try to get away with just Roan. I try to find something to do with him that’s fun. We both love movies, so we go often. We both love getting pedicures so we go often. And lucky me, Roan is a kid that loves to try new things. So when a reader named Robyn (who lives near me and has twins), got in touch to tell me about her shop I knew it had to be ...more

Secrets About Being a Mother

Smitty, Me, Sheppy, Roan, Green Balloon ...more

Sing Along With Smitty + Shepz

Anson has gone to sunny posh LA for work and I’m here in NYC with the rain/snow and the wind. I’m feeling a bit slighted in the shakedown of roles we play right now.  Anyway, it pretty much sucks while he’s gone, because he’s sort of the good time in this house. Make no mistake, everything would burn to ash and scatter into the wind if I left for ten days. But without the good-time dude here, there are definitely ...more

Being Married to My Husband Is….

Roan + Anson ...more

Photographing Strangers: Ok or Not?

Photographing strangers and posting the pictures to a public forum is creepy. Even if the picture is beautifully framed, wonderfully lit, and visually stimulating, unless the person has agreed to be photographed you’re crossing a line. Instagram has made this type of photography wildly popular and more accepted than ever. Many of my closest friends and relatives do this. Subway pictures of strangers, people waiting for a train, people crossing a street, eating food – I get it. The landscape ...more

Happy 2nd Birthday Smitty + Shepz

December 2011 “Sheppard Call, no no no!” ...more

Gratitude. Helping. Safety.

Hang on child ...more

Frankenstorm Sandy. Looks Like We Made It.

Sheppard stepping out to survey the world post-hurricane ...more