Today out of nowhere I got a text from a friend asking me about the source of my self confidence. She is going through a rough patch and for some reason I am the person who came to mind when she thought about people that exude confidence. Admittedly when I read her text I had to laugh because this has been one of the worst years of my life. I have had a death in the family, watched my husband close down a business, entered into the process of having my child evaluated for developmental delays and just this past Sunday wept as my beloved dog was put to sleep....more

The Opt Out Blog

Let me start by saying this...I am a Target shopping, Starbucks drinking, iPhone using, meat eating wife and mother with a full time job outside of the home. As an info junkie with a heavy user internet dependency the very notion of off grid living strikes terror in my Twitter fed mind. Lately however I have started to become overwhelmed with the "stuff" in my life and I am looking for ways to reform my consumer behaviors. I am here to learn and to share. I am not here to apologize for my lifestyle choices nor am I here to climb up on a soapbox and judge anyone else's....more

Longing for a simple life...

So often we hear about life in a more simple time. Suddenly I find myself idealizing the slower pace (whether real or perceived) of those days gone by.  Before the internet, before cable TV, before cell phones...before constant access to "everything" all the time, before the concept of "information overload". ...more

First, so glad you are here. I love your honest post.

Since I have a slow, simple life ...more