Lamb Curry

So in the month and a bit since I posted on here my life has changed quite drastically. I quit my job at the University because I haven’t written academic stuffthings since my Masters (which is done and dusted and I should be getting my scroll soon) and I now have a new job…I’m working for myself. My mom and I started a small freelance company called Gecko Hill Consultants. We supply graphic as well as written work on commission. I’m busy building the website which should hopefully be up and running by mid october (cross fingers)....more

Southern (African?) Crispy Fried Chicken

I’ve been meaning to try buttermilk chicken for a while now and today I actually did it. This is another one of those very rare occasions where I post a recipe on the same day as I cooked it, especially if it’s the first time. I didn’t document the whole recipe so you guys will just have to use your imagination. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but after tasting it I realised how amazing it was but also that I won’t do it again for a while, so you guys get a photo of the finished product....more

Cheesy Mince and Macaroni

This is a recipe I’ve had in my Drafts for a while now. It’s basically a mix between my macaroni and cheese and lasagna recipes. We used to get a meal called Cheese Mince and Macaroni in dining hall at Rhodes and all my friends thought I was strange because I really liked it (except the mince because that was probably road kill). But ever since then I tried to recreate the meal minus the road kill. It turned out pretty well actually. One of my favourites.Cheese Mince and Macaroni...more

I really appreciate that! :)more

Lentil Mince

The recipe I’m sharing today is a pretty health-friendly one (dietician approved). It’s a variation of my bolognaise sauce mince (ground beef) I make. It works really well served with brown or wild rice. Full recipe here ...more

Chicken Pie

This is another one of those blogged-the-same-day-as-cooked posts, well almost… It’s midnight and apparently I’m a hundred years old and need sleep. I’ve been meaning to document this recipe for a while but it takes quite a while to make. It’s also another of my recipes (much like chicken ala king and trinchado) that my friends always ask me to make for them.Chicken Pie ...more

Banana Bread

I don’t often put baking recipes up here but lately I’ve actually been baking a little more than usual. This is a recipe that I’ve been using to make banana bread for many years, I recently added a twist to the recipe.Banana Bread Full recipe here  ...more

Creamy Chicken Pasta

First off, sorry I haven’t posted much lately. I haven’t been cooking new stuff. It’s amazing how many times a week you can eat pork chops and steamed vegetaables when you aren’t feeling inspired. We’re moving soon so in a few weeks (maybe 3 or 4) I should have my own brand new kitchen up and running and we should have internet again by then… So I will definitely be cooking interesting things again. 9 Days until the move! *Happy Dance*...more

Beef Fillet and Brandy Pepper Sauce

My mom taught me how to do this and it is truly amazing…Beef Fillet, Roast Potatoes and Brandy Pepper SauceFull Recipe Here...more

Creamy White Wine and Salmon Pasta

I don’t often post a recipe on the day that I made it, especially if I tried it for the first time ever. But this pasta was so good, it needs to be out in the world… be free little recipe. Okay, yes. I am strange. Get over it.I got this recipe from my friend Simone (again), but I’m pretty sure this isn’t even remotely close to what she told me to do, but it was amazing anywayCreamy White Wine and Salmon Pasta...more

Strawberry and Rocket Salad

Strawberry and Rocket SaladFull recipe here... ...more