Chilli Hot Chocolate

This is a recipe I came up with about a year ago. It’s really awesome as a winter dessert drink. If you arent a fan of chilli you can cut down the proportions or remove it entirely. It isn’t very hot, it just has a chilli flavour and that goes amazingly with chocolate.Chilli Hot Chocolate...more

Beef Olives

This was a recipe my mom suggested when I told her I wanted to try something like what I had done with the stuffed chicken, but with beef. The recipe is quite a lengthy one, but the result is amazing…Beef Olives Full Recipe here... ...more

Tomato and Basil Pasta

This is my stand-by meal that I have been making since I was 17. I adapted it from my spaghetti bolognaise recipe, it’s basically the same meal just without the mince (ground beef for the americans). It’s really easy to make and doesn’t take longer than 30 – 40 minutes to make… I add basil when I can get hold of fresh basil but it isn’t necessary, it’s really delicious even without the basil.Tomato and Basil Pasta...more

Stir Fried Deliciousness

Stir Fried DeliciousnessThis isn’t really a recipe because I am assuming that most people already know how to make a stir fry… it is however a collection of things I have learnt over the years to improve a stir fry to the millionth degree1. Marinading the meat is really important. If you use really good quality beef/pork/chicken, then it can generally go without this step. I usually marinade the meat I use in a mixture of red wine, sweet chilli sauce, soya sauce, garlic, paprika, and even a dash of ginger works well....more

Chicken and Vegetable Pasta

I created this pasta recipe one evening when I really wanted vegetable pasta but could not find any recipes for what I had in my fridge… It’s really delicious and super healthy.Chicken and Vegetable Pasta   Full recipe here.  ...more

Mutton Soup

Mutton Soup:Full Recipe Here ...more


I don't often post recipes the first time I try them, but this was… wow. I don't have much to say other than this is probably the best thing I have ever eaten in my entire life. So I'm spreading the joy.Trinchado Full Recipe Here...more

A Few Healthy Recipes

There are a few things that are traditionally better with lots of oil but as oil is not exactly the healthiest thing in the world, I've  found ways to make them in a healthier way. Potato Chips...more

Lemon and Leak Chicken

Last night I realised with a shock at 18:30 that I needed to make dinner, I had planned on roast chicken and roast veggies but I decided it would take too long to cook so I made lemon and leak chicken instead. Ironically we ended up eating at 9pm anyway but no one minded because this is possibly one of my favourite chicken recipes. The original idea came from here....more

Magic Bloody Marys

Maries, Maires, Marys… I’m not really sure, but hey, it doesn’t change the taste. I discovered how much I loved these things about a year ago at a really great restaurant in Cape Town, Primi. They served my Bloody Mary without stirring it, which is how I discovered they put lime juice (cordial) in it. Most people are really surprised when they hear I put lime juice in it. I got home and made my own variation of that wonderful drink… My boyfriend was shocked that I’m actually writing this down cos it’s a secret. I’ve been told I make the best Bloody Marys ever, so pay attention ...more