TLC - The P.T. Barnum of Cable Television


Guiding Our Children Through Life, One News Cycle at a Time

I wrote a piece last year for Momversation about kids and television. In it I took exception to the "tv is bad for kids" idea, noting that as long as you, as a parent, provide the proper supervision, an atmosphere of encouragement for discussing what kids are seeing, and actively participate in their choices, then it can often be a great learning medium....more

Recovery vs Neurodiversity - Why Can't We Accept Both?

It's not often (or, ever) that I throw my blogging-hat in to the ring when it comes to the big debates within the autism community. Frankly I find it sad and frustrating that there is such division and conflict. Tell me - do you know of any other group that are bound together by a disease or disorder, that experiences the venom and hatred running rampant through this one? I don't....more

What a moving story. Parts of what you write about is what I know Deaf parents have gone ...more

Sucker Punched

Figuratively, not literally. But there wasn't much of a difference in terms of how I felt.   I try, more often than not, to make light of life with Josh. Because there's a lot that you just have to laugh at. Otherwise you'd never survive or if you did, you'd be chronically miserable....more

More Than Just Words - "Mommy Blogging" Gone Horribly Wrong

I read a post this morning.Written by a "mom blogger" and promoted on a well known moms/parenting website. This post, the fall-out, and the author's and website's responses to it all are unsettling on about a thousand different levels. It's taken me a couple of hours just to sort through all the issues and settle on an angle to write about it....more

De-Bunking the Mystique of "Firsts"

Your first kiss. Your first date. Your first "time". All events that are built-up to epic magic-moment proportions in the collective psyche of teenaged girls (and even some boys).As parents we talk to our children about these milestones with (hopefully!) a degree of seriousness that lends itself to the notion that these things ARE A BIG DEAL. But a step forward in your emotional and physical maturity doesn't necessarily mean that step will be special or wonderful or even, memorable....more

I Don't Know Emily. But I've met her Kidney - and I'm Following it on Twitter.

You should too. Here's why...   Two nights ago I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and this tweet caught my eye: "I'm now also following a kidney, this could be very odd :P " There was a follow-up. From the kidney. "What? Your internal organs don't tweet?"...more

I meant it when I said I thought using social media was brilliant, I think making the accounts ...more

My Son is Low-Functioning and I Think That's a Blessing. No, I'm Not Crazy.

Alright I am a little. But not completely. Yet. HUSH....more

It's the Little Things

It's amazing how things that seem so insignificant can have such a huge impact on your outlook...  ...more

The Intruder

*Originally posted on my blog Planet Josh 12/4/10* This is not the post I wanted to write.      He sleeps. He's beautiful when he sleeps.  So peaceful, his body quiet, relaxed. His mind, seemingly calm. He can be beautiful when he's awake, too.  But heartbreakingly, we are seeing less and less of that now....more