5 Ways to Love Yourself

We’ve all heard the saying “in order to love others, you must love yourself.” I’m not sure who coined that phrase but it is so true. There are many negative things that can happen to us if we don’t practice self-love, but for this post I want to focus on ways to love ourselves so those things don’t come into play.So, what is love? Some people don’t know what love means. I admit that I also was clueless until my late 20s. It took some hard life lessons to learn how to love myself and recognize love from others....more

How to Build a Meaningful Life

It is the middle of the year and a good time to reassess our goals for the year. Some of us have set goals to lose weight, save money, pay off debt, and so on. However, many people quickly lose motivation to follow through on them.Any time of the year is a good time for self-evaluation and change. However, in order to remain committed to your goals, there has to be a deeper reason for change than the coming of a new year or a new month. Spend time in prayer to discover that reason and that which you need to work on to enhance your life....more

Daily Affirmations for Children

As we make our plans to live life with purpose, let us not forget about our children. They too can set goals for themselves and speaking affirmations daily will empower them to put in the work to see those goals come to fruition.As parents, we can help our children develop their affirmations, provide support and encouragement, and serve as their accountability partners. Furthermore, they should see and hear us model the behavior of writing and speaking daily affirmations....more