Weeping Willow for Freedom, Serenity and Patience

Willow….for freedom, serenity and patience and gosh, do I need that this summer!It has been a whirlwind of a summer already. As always, I have put myself on an impossible schedule of painting, sewing and writing this summer! I must also get new curriculum ready for my new position at the high school next year! Now, add my daughter’s wedding planning to the mix and you can see how I’m falling behind.My interpretation of the willow’s meaning may be a bit off but…I am going somewhere with it:...more

4th of July Fabric Garland Project

Finding a flower that represented patriotism was easy…having it in bloom by the 4th of July was the challenge! Nasturtiums are for patriotism and the ones I planted this spring must not like where I put them because they’ve only grown a few inches! But, at least my planted wish for patriotism still counts!  :)Information and pictures of nasturtiums can be found:http://www.almanac.com/plant/nasturtium ...more

Before it's too late...

Thinking about the future or dwelling too much in the past is a challenge for me. But, the garden, it helps me stay in the present; the sound of the birds, the chime and the light breeze all to remind me to stay present in the moment.  There is nothing like the scent of flowers or the sight of a butterfly to quiet the chatter in my head. There are countless small gifts from the garden, but its power to make me stop and be “present” is its greatest reward....more

Hosta: my favorite plant...

 I don’t know about you, but all of the plants in my garden have a story…...more

Red Poppies for Memorial Day Heroes

The red poppy is the official flower of the American Legion and meant as a sign of remembrance for fallen soldiers. The symbol of the poppy for remembrance was adopted by many of the allied Countries- America, Britain, France, Canada, Australia and New Zealand during WWI. The British and Canadians wear red poppies on November 11th—known as Remembrance Day or Poppy Day. In this country, we celebrate all those who have served honorably on Veteran’s Day and we honor those who have died in active duty on Memorial Day, so red poppies are distributed on Memorial Day in America....more
Huh. I had no idea Americans adopted the poppy. (I'm Canadian.)more

Week Four-Inspiring Panache...DIY project

In honor of panache, over the top week, I want to share how I re-vamped a dresser. The dresser was nice before, but not in the “glam” state I wanted it to be. So, I painted it,  filled areas with a black/cream wrapping paper I found at Target and lastly, put on some updated hardware! Mod Podge is a girl’s best friend with a project like this:...more

Inspire Panache with Calla Lilies

In honor of The Great Gatsby movie, I wanted to focus on the pomp and circumstance, over the top nature of the 1920’s. So, this week, I chose calla-lilies, because calla-lilies mean panache!PanacheDefinition: A person’s flamboyant spiritSynonyms: charisma, dash, flair, swagger or styleAntonym: spiritlessness...more

A Mother's Day letter for my Mother-in-law

Heather texted me the other day, “It was ten years ago today, Mom….that Grandma died.”  I said, “I know…it has been a long time.”Mom Leitheuser,Sometimes it feels longer than ten years since you’ve been gone and other times it feels like yesterday. Your death hit me harder than I ever imagined it would and there are so many things that still remind me of you…I have been known to tear-up in the aisle of CVS at Easter time with a bag of starburst jelly beans in my hand…because they were your favorites....more

Planted Wishes for Mother

My love of flowers and gardening developed over time. When I was a kid, I couldn’t understand my mother and grandmother’s enthusiasm for all things ‘green.’ They would spend hours planting, transplanting and weeding—all tasks I saw as an unnecessary waste of time.As many of the lessons we learn from our mothers…they are not fully appreciated until much later in life, and so it was with gardening for me....more

Pansy fabric pinwheels

Pansy fabric pinwheels ...more