Family Meal Ritual Printable and Family goals and priorities for March

February has been a bigger blend of busy and slow. We’ve had a day here and there when we were going a lot but we then had lots of very slow days which seemed to even out everything. Mostly our days are slow and it’s learning how to navigate the busier days when they come along that’s often the more challenging for us and our family goals ....more

Completing the Family Meal Ritual

Setting up a family ritual takes time as you try things out in your family. As the children get older we try new things and because sometimes we fancy a change. Last time we talked about the need for a family ritual and explained the ritual from beginning too just as we were about to eat ....more

Creating a Family Meal Ritual

Family meal times are a great place for connection, catchup and comfort. Like all things it changes over time as our family grows and changes. It’s a chance to put our values into action ....more

Family goals and priorities for February

Although I love making goals I need some accountability in reaching them. I’m sure I’m not alone there. Since I’m a big believer in scheduling things to get it done I’m also good at rescheduling and bumping myself of my own schedule ....more

4 Family Flow ideas for a More Peaceful Family Home

Family flow are the things that keep your family moving. Typically we focus on routines like the morning run or contributions. These are places where we get stuck and instead of flowing there’s a problem ....more

Peaceful Solutions to Minimize Family Strife with Specific Solutions

This is part two of the series: Peaceful Solutions to minimize family strife. ...more

Peaceful solutions to minimize family strife

Sitting quietly before the kids are awake, the house is completely still. I really should have a cup of my hot brew but I know that the kettle might wake everyone as it’s nearly time to wake up. It’s peaceful, calm and the day ahead is so full of positive peaceful possibilities ....more

10 ways to Nurture a Positive Family Atmosphere

This year! What would you add to the list? ...more

How side by side time nurtures our boys

During a marriage DVD set with friends sometime ago I remember hearing about side by side time for the first time. I enjoy face to face time the most with my girlfriends and it turns out that most women are like this too. Guys and definitely my husband like side by side time ....more