Creating a Mother’s Evening Routine ( after the children are in bed)

It’s very common at the end of the evening when the children are finally tucked up in bed for us to just flop down exhausted. We reach for whatever is close to hand. ( Junk food, Chocolate, comfy couch, magazines) I know the day has been busy doing all that you wanted to do for the kids and family and also filled with many of...more

Create a Family Playlist for Clean Up

Cleaning up is way more fun when you have clean up music. Ask your preschooler. Clean up music makes all the difference to get things done ....more

2 Simple Steps That Reduces the Stress of Leaving the House

Just on our way out of the door is the time I notice. We’ve worked on getting everyone out the door without shouting too much. It used to bother us as parents that rounding up the kids and getting into the car to go anywhere would be so hard ....more

72 Ways To Have Better Times With Our Kids

Hands up if you’re feeling a bit tired and stretched this week! Me too. Is there’s a cloud hanging over the family and you’re looking for that sunshine to bathe in? ...more

Appreciation Boards for Families

How long is too long to be cross and moody? How do you come back after a dramatic exit?….and when? As families we won’t always agree with each other and it’s in these disagreements that everything seems to go pear shaped ....more

What would you put on your not to do list ?

To do lists seem daunting. You start with good intentions and before long you have a list that runs on forever. How in the world are you supposed to be motivated to get through it all? ...more

Being prepared: Fighting back when you are in that dark place

When you’re in your darkest moments. We feel the most alone. No one else can truly understand where you are ....more

5 things your kids can do with less of

More things because they begged you for it at the counter or each shop you went into. Your face glowing with a screen reflecting the white light while you tap on your screen A full calendar of events, activities, places and in and outs of the car to get there for your family. Huge piles of clothes- how many pants and tops do they really need? ...more

TED talks for parents – Grit

We want our children to have good character, succeed and have the staying power to keep going. We want them to have grit. The hard thing is trying to do these things without becoming the overbearing and pushy parent ....more

Three things you should embrace as a new mother

New beginnings! So exciting………. I remember being a new mother ....more