For Christ's Sake

On Christmas Eve I spent the evening with some people at my sister's sister-in-law's condo. There were about 10 people invited to the dinner. The food was good. It was nice to be invited to the annual event ....more

Knocking on Heaven's Door

Last night just as the sky was getting dark, ...more

Trails and Tribulations

I've been reading so many books on hiking the Appalachian trail, the Pacific Crest Trail and assorted other trails -- I'm considering writing a book about reading books about these tra ...more

Wash Away Your Sins

My only excuse for not writing often is a bit of stress I've experienced - taking out a restraining order against someone that cost $425. that I did not have so I had to borrow from my mom who is now going to have to spend another $425. to take a restraining order out against me so I won't be asking her for more money ....more



Yesterday reminded me

Yesterday reminded me of October ....more

My Journey to Pitching a Fit

Last week I enjoyed dinner with Shelley of My Journey to Fit (hmmm, I wonder if I should change the name of my blog to My Journey to Pitching a Fit) and her friend, Barbara. This is the 2nd Annual Meet  Shelley Once A Year Get-Together. There's a lovely and much more thorough write-up on Shelley's blog today which makes it so I don't have to write much at all which has been my MO of late ....more

One Man's Trash...

Charmed I'm Sure

Having recently graduated from Sears Charm School (in the days of yore), I learned how to walk and pose like a real live model. Sears taught us how to take our coats off and walk with books balanced on our heads. Because I had that enormous flat spot on the back of my head formed from laying in the play pen for hours on end contemplating that hideous circling merry-go-round and staring at the ceiling, I could have held up the Gutenberg ...more

Lymphedema Redux

I still have lymphedema - no matter how much I want the condition to magically disappear. As far as I know I am (still) tumor/cancer free. Having been diagnosed with stage 3C endometrial adenocarcinoma, I  expected I'd be dead by now. I have an appointment with my new twelve year old oncologist end of May -- I'll have blood work and find out what she wants me to do. Hopefully it will be nothing having to do with cancer ....more