When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

Children's Fiction Age 10 and up ...more

The Good Thief by Hannah Tinti

The Good Thief Hannah Tinti Random H...more

Unexpected Fun

We're use to traveling on long road trips and usually equip ourselves accordingly with a road atlas, food and beverage, CD's, DVD's and any other digital device that our two, lovely offspring have suckered us into purchasing over the years. ...more

While You Were Out....

About 6 years ago, we arrived home from a summer vacation, and after unloading luggage, kids and remnants of a 12-hour road trip from the mini-van, I pushed the button on our message machine to listen to snippets of what we may have missed, and who missed us, while we were away.  There were the usual messages from family members who had forgotten...more

Master Electrician

The other morning while I was upstairs filing bills, my husband – from now on referred to as Hubba Hubba – asked if I had disconnected the computer. Apparently, he was unable to access his laptop’s server in the southern region of our house. I checked my desktop, and the little green power light burned amber; a sign for system-gone-kaput. ...more

Rev My Search Engine

With Google™, additional knowledge is a few keystrokes away. ...more


I am crabby and grouchy. The stop and go traffic makes me rethink my plan to hit the library during the crush of rush hour. Several drivers inch their cars ahead and nose to the left to get around the slow right lane. But each is deterred progress by vehicles preceding it, vying for the left turn lane. Stop and go becomes Stop....more