Two Years

Two years since we agreed to be honestTwo years since we spoke what was on our mindsTwo years since you first gave me butterflies Two years since we promised to be "in it for the long haul" Two years since you put a smile on my face I thought I'd wear forever And one year of having nothing but memories of us.© 2011 Teresa Kander...more

Books I've Read In November 2011

1) On Writing, by Stephen King...more

Happy Birthday

Nineteen years agoMy life was blessed by her birth--Celebrate today!© 2011 Teresa Kander...more

Books I've Read In November 2011

1) On Writing, by Stephen King...more

What Does November Have Against Me???

November has a history of events that have been sad and/or traumatic, and I tend to fall into a pretty rotten depression for most of the month. I hide from the world, and even from close friends and immediate family members. It's the most difficult four weeks of my year, and it opens every wound there is, every single year....more

Stories Of Me #1

I've been thinking for a while that I might want to share some random stories from my life on occasion. This morning, I decided it was time to get started, and see what happens. :)...more


She said "I love you," and meant forever.He said "I love you," and meant for now.She dreamed of making a life with himHe dreamed of making love with herShe gave her heart to himHe gave his body to herShe can't forget himHe doesn't remember she existed.© 2011 Teresa Kander...more

If You Only Knew

If you only knewHow much you're still part of my lifeHow thoughts of you take up my daysHow dreams of you fill my nights If you only knewHow I trusted in your promisesHow I believed in your dreamsHow I meant every word I said If you only knewHow much I still miss youHow much I still need youHow much I still love you If you only knewWould it matter to you at all?© 2011 Teresa Kander...more

Penn State...And Why It Bothers Me So Deeply

As the mother of sexual abuse survivor, any story of children being molested turns my stomach and makes me feel just a "tiny bit" violent toward the perpetrators. The more I hear about the things that went on at Penn State, and the "cone of silence" that apparently dropped over the whole thing, the more I want to lash out at people....more

Wednesday Hodgepodge--Volume 52

Wednesday Hodgepodge--Volume 52 1. Of all the tools and gadgets you own which do you most enjoy using?That would have to be the one I'm using right computer!...more