All Things in Moderation

My two daughters were competitive gymnasts until they were teenagers. They stayed long hours at the gym and we were all about healthy eating and drinking. There was no soda allowed in my house. Fruit drinks with no sugar added, were the only acceptable liquid besides water. I owned a business and my kids went to a sitter for two hours after school each day. My oldest daughter was ten and she had gymnastics four nights a week. My sitter called me one day and asked me to come to her home after work; she needed to talk to me....more

The Internet and Your Children

Do you think your children are safe from internet crime and predators? Think again. Every email sent has a hidden header that can be viewed by the person receiving the email....more

Stop Thief Stop!

Shoplifting is on the rise. Whenever the economy is bad this crime like many others goes up. I will admit I’m seeing more adult shoplifting, but this blog is about your kids, and shoplifting has always been a favorite pastime of youth. Most stores now prosecute no matter the age. Most also have cameras. Even in my small town, all but one store has a video system....more

The "Good" Child Molester

Yes, I know all of you with children and yes especially victims think death is too good for me right now, but you’re misconstruing the title of this blog. Evil child molester may have been a better title, but would that get your attention. There are many child molesters “good” at what they do. The only way to stop them is to be informed. They are after your children and everyone else’s children. They are fathers, step fathers, brothers and siblings. Mostly men but there are a small percent of women....more

When Sex and Young Adults Go Too Far!

A friend talked me into blogging this story. I write a fun blog under Bad Luck Detective, which shows the lighter side of being a police officer and detective. I don’t know what got my friend and me talking about the subject, but “young girls today” became the topic. I told her the story of a young girl reporting rape. This young girl, fresh out of high school, was at a party and giving “blow jobs” to some of the boys. She was not interested in participating with a particular boy and told him no....more