I Shouldn't Teach Math

As a  homeschooling mom, I have to teach my children in all subjects. This includes Math. I detest Math. I know, I use it every day, couldn't live without it, blah blah blah. I am married to a Math teacher. When he tries to explain a problem to me, I get mad and walk away. Stop boring me! Nope, Math and I don't get along. ...more

Craft Show Etiquette

Today, I spent half my day at a craft show an hour from home, promoting my small crochet business. My mom left her home early, very early to watch my children for me. My husband comes with me to help set up and provide bathroom backup. After a couple hours, I kept hearing the same phrase, "I could make that." There is nothing worse for a crafter to hear, after they have spent hours making sure every stitch or line is perfect, choosing the right materials, and arranging it all on a small table to be pleasant to the eye....more

Pen to Paper, Finger to Keyboard

As a homeschooling mother of four, I find it hard to take the time to write on my blog. This is why I joined NaBloPoMo. To make myself take the time to do something I love. Where did that part of me go and when did I lose her? When I was younger, I enjoyed writing stories outside of those required for school. I was put into the honor society in college because of a paper I wrote in an English class. So why did  I stop taking time for something that was/is a big part of me?...more

A Rainbow

Today was a really rough day for me. I experienced a huge panic attack in the morning, to the point that I called my husband to tell him I was having a panic attack. I take medication for anxiety, but with all the stress of him going back to school and the change in my routine raised my stress level to nuclear and it manifested in the attack. I was so mad at myself for letting it get away from me....more

Service industry??? What service!

What on earth has happened to work ethic in this country? Especially among our teenagers. Have parents failed to instill this vital component into their teenagers? Has store management just given up in finding teens that want to work, and do a great job, not a good enough job? Here is how my week went while shopping:...more
@victorias_view I get the point that they can't hold their hands, but it starts when they are ...more

The Simple Fun of a Farmer's Market

Today, we took our kids to the local farmer's market's kids day. I was expecting, well...not much. It is the summer in the south and it has been very hot. Most people hunker down in the AC if they can. But, to my surprise, there were a lot of people there, not to mention a lot of vendors. There was also a lot of swag! Our kids got to plant sunflower seeds, complete with pot and dirt for free! They picked up ducks with numbers on them and got free stuffed toys from a local pharmacy. They were actually quality toys, not cheap ones....more

Defending Teachers

Today, as I checked my Facebook wall, I came across not one, but two articles vilifying teachers. One was an article on how Tim Pawlenty claimed that schools indoctrinate our children. The second was a video of a teacher emphatically telling people what his job is, which was posted by a homeschooler friend of mine, and her comments were decidely negative towards this man's opinions. And it stuck in my craw. Because my husband is a teacher. A damn good teacher. A patient teacher. A supply buying, breakfast supplying teacher....more

A complete waste of talent

I have just read the news that singer, Amy Winehouse, was found dead in her home. What a complete waste of talent. Why do such talented people insist on ruining their lives? Granted there are those that do not take such routes. They work so hard to create something so great and know better than to ruin all they have worked for. Yet, others implode spectacularly. Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Hendricks, all died at 27, the age Amy was. Was the love from all her fans not enough? Was the critical acclaim not enough? Why did she feed the tabloid machine? Sadly, we will never know....more

The Last Sonic Booms

When we had to move to Florida from Michigan because of the economy, I had a very hard time finding any positives, other than my husband would have a teaching job. Then, after a hiatus because of the Columbia disaster, Endeavour was returning to space. And I could see the launch from where I lived. I also had two boys who were extremely interested in seeing a rocket launch into space. I was born a few years before the shuttle program took off. I was sitting in a classroom when my principal rushed in to tell us that Challenger had exploded....more

A Father's Behavior

Last night, my husband and I were watching "Family Jewels" on A&E. If you are not familiar with the show, it follows KISS rocker, Gene Simmons, and his family around in a reality type setting. This particular show, Gene and Shannon, his girlfriend of many years, were spending time apart due to her anger over his infidelity. Gene had a therapist flown in from L.A. so he could show her how hard it was on tour to resist temptation....more