Methylation, Glutathione, and Vitamin B12 by Dr. Jerry Kartzinel

Another very interesting read regarding methylation,glutathione and Vit. B12.  According to Dr. Kartzinel, there is a link between the lack of consumption or production of these vitamins and a family history of schizophrenia, alcoholism, bi-polar disease, depression, attention deficit disorder, constipation, and autism. This makes me wonder about thyroid disorders. There are links between bipolar disorders and thyroid disorder....more

Etiology and Biochemical Abnormalities of Autism by Alan Schwartz, M.D

I came across Etiology and Biochemical Abnormalities of Autism, by Alan Schwartz, M.D.  He did a great job at both explaining the differences & their similarities between Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Rett’s Syndrome.  As well as some of the medical problems associated with these disorders.  The fallowing comes from It is well  worth the read, if you have the time for it.—–...more

Eggless, GF, Soy free, Corn free Casin free Cake & Cupcakes

thanks needed a Soy free recipe will try these today great ...more

Budding Polar Bear members.

What would any homeschooler do if you lived by the beach,  it has been 50 degrees and all of sudden it was 80degress for the day? The beach of course! Well, I got to admit, we were the only ones out there besides a couple of men fishing. It was pretty pleasant. The boys swimming and chasing Winston....more

I was defeated in the great cup war... aka... being dumb enough to wash a chipped cup.

The boys were at their Nana's, Ian was at work, room mate was asleep, and the dogs were chilling at my feet. I haven't had the house to myself in a long time. I was enjoying all my mind numbing trivial house work. One more chore for the day.....dishes. Normally I loathe doing dishes. Actually I could careless for any house work, but that is neither here nor there, it has to get done. But today I was enjoying my mindless dish washing time and the stillness of my house. When I reached for the last dish in the sink.. a blue and white damask print cup....more

Reducing the meds....First time ever!

We have had some really rough spots with the boys. Honestly, it wasn't too long ago that I was whining about this very issue. The past year and half we have been overwhelmed with appointments after appointment. From OT, ST,PT, and visual therapy, psychiatrist, counseling, chiropractors, ER, and just plain sick days. I  often joke that I may not be a soccer mom by any measure, but I sure am an appointment mom....more

"I Don't Want B12 Shots to Take Away My Aspergers, Mom!"

Gabe asked “Why do I have to take these shots, mom?” It was really hard to explain, his eyes were welling up with tears, and I new that he was more then just upset about the shots themselves. I try not to sugar-coat too much for the boys, because frankly they don’t get it. Being direct and simple usually works best. “Well Gabe, B-12 is supposed to help you think better.” I responded, by now he is fully crying. “But mom, I don’t want it to take away my Aspergerssss,” crying pretty uncontrollably at this point....more
I wrote this to Celebr8nGenr8n, I just felt the need to move this up. I really had no idea that ...more

A day well spent at the Autism Summit

 Today was a success! We had a plan this year. Last year we stuck around about an hour too long. This year, we brought separate cars and as soon as Ian & boys couldn’t take the noise anymore, they hit the door running. Meltdowns successfully averted… (patting myself on the back now as we speak)...more

FYI Chocolate covered coffee beans = kids who wont go to sleep

Thanks friendly neighbor for giving my ADHD, ASD, OCD boys chocolate covered coffee beans… either they are for me, then AWESOME! I love you!  Or you can’t read Spanish, in which case you are an idiot for buying candy and you don’t know what it is. Or you’re  just an asshole and you thought it would be funny to give coffee beans to children. I am HOPING that these were intended for me and  that you’re not an idiotic asshole who buys things in gourmet aisle just to say you bought your neighbor kids gourmet chocolate covered coffee beans....more

Aspergers Homeschooling Anxiety

Homeschooling Anxiety can be a pretty stressful self-imposed annoyance. But we all get it at sometime or another.  It could be just making a decision whether or not you should homeschool, the abundance of different curriculums,  or trying to find out what works best for your children. The list can seem never ending....more