Keep Your Sense of Self (and Humor) When Looking in the Mirror

When I was 12 years old, I realized that my body was "growing" in new ways. I remember standing sideways, staring at my side-profile in the mirror, aware that my chest and my belly were competing with each other. Which would stand out more? Which would be the center of attention? ...more

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Ask What You Can Do

While working out at the gym today, I climbed up on top of a machine, and as I mounted the bench, I was reminding of how much I loved playing on playground equipment as a child. Any activity in which I got to move around was attractive to me. I didn’t care if I looked silly. I just knew that I felt emotionally and physically better when I was moving. ...more

Shattering Myths About Expressing Your Anger

For more than 40 years, studies have revealed that encouraging the expression of anger directly toward another person or indirectly (such as toward an object) actually turns up the heat on aggression. ...more

Everyday I devote to my body going for a run or walk to get fresh air. I feel very well. It's ...more

Are You a Curious George or a Judge Judy?

When it comes to physical training and working out, mindset is everything. It's a little counter-intuitive: Exercise is a physical pursuit, not a mental one, right? Well… no. We all know that's all wrong. When it comes to getting that work out in, your mind is everything. ...more

I think sometimes we judge ourselves to harshly and it holds us back. It's important to move ...more

Be Your Own Yoda

When it comes to cultivating a mind-body connection, there are many times when I feel just as likely as the next woman to sacrifice myself for the greater good. I take pride in being at the ready to help the people I love. As a hard worker who devotes my time to fulfilling the needs of the people around me, at the end of the day it can be hard for me to find time to exercise. ...more

Aristotle pointed out that we need to make wise choices in our life in order to sustain balance. ...more

Why Isn't Everyone Exercising Regularly?

Lifting weights and performing cardiovascular activity are proven to enhance and extend your life. So, err, why isn't everyone exercising regularly? ...more

I have been physically active all of my life. I was an out-door type when I was a child. ...more

Use Humor to Tackle This Big Adventure

As a personal trainer, let me say something shocking: Exercise doesn’t sound like fun. It sounds like prescription medicine, or some mystical elixir of life, conjured up only through the little-known dark arts of alchemy. If only it were that simple. If only magic could get thee to the gym. ...more

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As a personal trainer, let me say something shocking: ...more