Do you also have a relative who annoys you?

Let’s be frank here. Some friends or relatives can be very annoying. I have this acquaintance of mine who is so irritating and does all the stuff which pisses me off. It gives him immense pleasure when I get frustrated from his actions. Even though, I try to make sure not to go somewhere where I know he would be coming, I do not know, how the hell I see him every time around me. It’s strange, things you want to avoid, haunts you more. Isn’t it? Lately, I have discovered the way how to avoid him so that I do not spoil my entire day. ...more

"First Love is always Treasured" - I recollected from the Movie - LITTLE MANHATTAN

Just few days ago, I was actually struggling to sleep, even though I was too tired to do anything after my office hectic routine. So I switched on my TV and started hopping channels and suddenly stopped on one of the movie channels in which there was this movie that had just started. I found it interesting and started watching it. The name of the Movie was “LITTLE MANHATTAN”. ...more


Since childhood, I had a problem in managing my hair. I used to spend hours in front of the mirror to set a hair style that will suit my personality and from which I could gain some praises. It took me years to realize how I would be able to steal the limelight just because of my hair style along with my attire....more
rahulswam9 - Thank you for the comments and will definitely try to post something on hair ...more


“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”Rightly said by someone who truly knew the importance of influential writing…Do you fantasize to be known as a great writer rather than just a writer? In today’s technology freak world, everyone is an active user of online media to connect to other people and spread their word....more
SabrinaBlogs - Thank you for your encouraging words. Its so true that writing is the best way to ...more


Ever wondered, why that lady was continuously staring at you even when you were looking stunning in that party? Your tresses were neatly done, you were wearing the best stilettos and your accessories were talk of the town…...more
@ rahulswam9  ... I wrote considering ladies in my mind, but its so true for all the males out ...more

"Writing - My Ultimate Passion"

                         The other day, I was browsing a job network site and doing my usual chores. While scrolling down, I noticed an article which had a subject – “WHERE DOING WHAT YOU LIKE GETS YOU.”...more
I am loving it!!! Hi readers, I would be happy if you can put in your ideas as well to make my ...more

"My life after Marriage"

Since few days, I do not know why I was yearning to put my thoughts on paper so strongly. Several ideas came in my mind, but I could not put them in words.But today, when me and my husband, are in the phase of completing Four years of our marriage, I thought there is no better way to focus on our after marriage years than beginning with anything else.They say – “You do not marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without.”...more
wdolderer Thanks and Best wishes for your married life ahead....more