How I Became That Douche Bag's Ex-Girlfriend: A Love Story.

Once upon a time, I was younger. Dumber. Maybe a little prettier. Definitely skinnier. And boy-crazy.  OH MY GOSH. You have no idea how boy-crazy I was. ...more

Fat pants and flat shoes.

Once upon a time, before I was Mrs. MPH and long before I became Mommy,  I had a pretty sweet gig as a marketing assistant. It was my first job in my field after I graduated college. It was quasi-exciting in that I worked 40 hours a week, got paid every two weeks and even had (holy ham and beans!) insurance. You know, grown up stuff. Yes friends, life was good.  My very favorite part about that job wasn't the challenging work or opportunity for advancement, because believe me, there was little to none of either of those things....more

I laughed the whole way through. This is the truth. I was just thinking to myself today, what ...more

Hard-Working Mom... or Hardly Working?

Last night, I was reading a blog post by a friend from college who is a mom to three small children. She also has a full-time career outside the home. She mentioned in her post about the struggle to give 100% to her children, 100% to her husband and 100% to her career and it got me thinking......more

Exactly. We all ARE doing the best we can, whatever our circumstances. I know there is some ...more

I'm a formula-feeding pariah... but at least my nipples aren't bleeding!

When I was pregnant with Em, I was all like, I am going to friggin' breastfeed. Period. No ifs. No ands. No buts.  To me, there was no other choice; I knew that breastfeeding was the very best thing for her and I would have rather died (not really) than give her disgusting, artificial, sub-par baby formula....more

Em. path. y.

That's all we're asking for when we talk about how hard some aspects of ...more