Toy safety is a top concern for all parents

Parents know how to protect children from dangers like small toys that can be choking hazards and dangling, frayed electrical cords that can cause shock. But what about the dangers you can't see, like lead in the paint of brightly colored blocks or the chemicals in a plastic sippy cup? Here are the latest toy safety guidelines you should be aware of....more

Yuletide Celebrations: For a holiday gift, you can donate skills as a present

Families who’ve been hit with unemployment, high inflation rates and higher credit card fees are tightening their belts and coming up with creative ways to save money on holiday gift giving.Ideas such as taking no-spending months, giving the gift of manual labour and using accumulated credit card reward points to buy gifts are ingenious ways that folks can save on gifts.Here are some nifty and resourceful ways people are saving for the holidays....more

Celebrities find writing isn't child's play

BARACK Obama's presidency will reach a milestone of historic proportions on November 16. No, it is not the mid-term congressional elections. It is the release by his book publisher of his new book. A children's book. With the publication of Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters, Mr Obama will join the throng of celebrities, including some Australians, with a mystifying desire to fill the gaps left by The Wind in the Willows, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other works by recognised children's authors....more