No one Squeezes More into Their Juice

 Superfruits have made a splash on the red carpet, being coveted by celebrities all over the world.  Most of the time when I hear about celebrity trends I think of expensive anti-aging creams and Vera Wang shoes... both are "must have's" ......more

Sunscreen Tips: What to Buy this Summer

Dr. Ted Lain of Steiner Ranch Dermatology in Austin, Texas has the skinny on sunscreen and how to get the most bang for yor buck this summer. Checkout his advice:  ...more

Greening the White House

My dear friend Sloan Barnett, who wrote “Green Goes With Everything” A New York Times Bestseller, is greening the White House!  No joke!   If anyone can green the white house, it’s Sloan.   Checkout her latest efforts on the Huffington Post   She wrote the Obama family a letter and is now calling for ideas on how to green th ...more

Eco-Friendly Doggie Gifts

lright, you knew it was coming, PoshGirl cannot hold out any longer.  I must blab about my favorite eco-friendly pet gifts!   All of you with a furry friend on your list, you are going to LOVE these gifts.  Almost as much as my Boxer dog, Murphy will. ...more

Who makes the best sub sandwiches?

I went to Firehouse subs today for the first time, one just opened up near the office, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to give them a shot.  The experience of ordering a sub was not the most pleasant experience… the 12 people behind the counter have to yell “welcome to firehouse” every time someone comes in the door, and this was during the lunch rush.  Immediately, I started thinking about other sub shops I would like to be in.   The comforting Subway, a quiznos, or ...more

How to beat static cling this winter

Static cling is a serious bummer.  Not only is your adorable satin dress stuck between your legs, it’s also glued to your butt, and as you try to adjust it, you cause more friction which causes it to cling even tighter to your thighs!  The next thing you know the office cutie has picked up on your major wardrobe malfunction and you wish you could crawl back into the dryer that caused all this pain. ...more

PoshGirl's Baby and Toddler Gift Guide: it's out, read it while it's hot!

Since all my friends have little ones and keep asking me to write more gift guides; I dedicate this posting to my dear friend Anne who loves to spoil children with gifts!    Here it is..  PoshGirl's hot baby and toddler gift list!!! ...more

What does your stroller say about you?

You finally settled on a ride for your little one...   but it's not always about junior, now is it?  Nope, it's about what mommy and daddy want to be seen pushing around town.  So are you a Techno XT Tool?  Or a Bugaboo Princess? ...more

They have arrrived! The Starbucks Christmas cups are here!


I actually dislike the holiday cups - first, because they signify the holiday madness and second ...more