American Pie

We started playing this song in the car because I misremembered...more

The Show for the Trains of Owen’s the Best

Always in love with everybody I know. For always fun times always glow Always the best in the sight of rains tonight For the two and now bizarre, always two and on the heart. When the tide comes in on … Continue reading → ...more

“Soccer Mom”

I’ve come to a realization about myself through parenting: the things I didn’t like as a child get only marginally more fun when I try to pass on a false love of them to Owen. For instance, Monday afternoon, I took Owen to an indoor soccer playtime event. We paid our admission fee, put on our running shoes, and grabbed our ball ....more

Love Cravings

Owen is a very affectionate child. He regularly hugs the parents of the other children at his daycare, is free and easy with his I love yous, and waxes amorous with almost everyone. He told me this morning that he loved me so much that he would never leave me, that he would live with us forever ....more

What to Believe

The realms of faith and doubt have been colliding in our house lately. Owen seems to believe that shows he watches, even animated ones, feature “real” characters. He thinks he can visit the Care Bears, or the pteranodon from Dinosaur Train ....more

On Not Eating Our Children; Or, The Evolution of Love

“I really like Lucy. Maybe I’ll marry her when I grow up.” “Oh, yes? And will you have children?” “Of course” (of course is what he replies to everything, lately ....more

Jen & Jodi’s Friendly Kitchen

I have been meaning to put together this post since the summer, but I have been particularly busy this past semester, so I never had the chance. BUT: if you happen to be looking for a last-minute gift, for someone else or for yourself, here’s an idea for you! Owen’s daycare smells divine ....more

Our Gingerbread House

Welcome to my first Gingerbread house. OK. It is not made out of gingerbread (we used graham crackers on a cardboard base), and its roof required some emergency structural repairs (note the hefty peppermint column), but I think it turned out pretty well! ...more

Paper Dolls and Christmas Elves

Owen’s Grandmum has given him a digital advent calendar (Jacquie Lawson) for the second year in a row. These things are fantastic. They provide hours of wholesome entertainment ....more

On Redressing and Undressing

Our son is usually a pretty good kid. Like all good people, though, he has his moments. What has surprised me lately is his capacity for rage ....more