The Levees Broke

Recently, there has been a hefty bit of flooding in the Midwest. No fewer than 19 levees have broken according the Army Corps of Engineers. Tons of workers have tried to pile sandbags in hope of pushing back the ...more

Like I mentioned, I live in a storm alley it seems (on an island in the Atlantic) and we get ...more

Alcohol and what it does!

So my pals are surely hurting after my lovely friend's 25th. Lucky for me, I was the designated driver as usual. What I was wondering was how alcohol actually affects your body... I mean what are the scientific explanations for these effects? ...more

Just another Noob!

So I'm going to say hi. Well, I should say we're going to say hi, but my partner in all things blog is not here at the moment. Ah well, such is life. ok ... hi! ...more


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