{DIY} Christmas Gift Bag Album

886?!How did I take that many pictures over the holidays?  And now what am I going to do with them? ...more
A fantastic idea! I love it!more

Formal Gone Wrong {Themed Holiday Parties}

Dear Friends,My husband was not very impressed.I came out of the bathroom in my get-up and he attempted not to choke....more

{DIY} Peppermint Joy Felted Christmas Ornaments

Dear Friends,I have mixed feelings about Christmas. It's not so much about the holiday itself. I love the festive atmosphere, the childlike excitement in the air, the baking and the cheerful carols playing everywhere......more

Winter Wonderland

Dear Friends, ...more

Making Magic: Homemade Fairy House

For a long time I have been enamored with the type of fabulous creations that are found in toy catalogs like Magic Cabin. When they appear in my mailbox I hide them from my children until I’ve had a chance to drool over the gorgeous spreads depicted on the glossy pages. Oh, the lovely absence of plastic! The loose concepts leaving lots of room for childish ideas! The enticing colors and knobby shapes just right for little hands! ...more
Oh, and my daughter's latest project is making a paper version of the Los Angeles Johnny ...more