The Final Resolution

The eve of the year 2013 found me happily at home with my dog Maya, a good modern-day western and a few bites of chocolate. My high heel and tight dress days are over. I am perfectly content watching Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner (Boss and Charlie) run cattle from the backs of stout quarter horses across green meadows and through swift creeks to make a life for themselves during the harsh and exciting days of the American pioneers.  I don’t make resolutions on New Year’s Eve anymore....more

Bay Gelding

Black mane flowing, like a waveI never tire of his mightThis lovely bay geldingWill you bring my knight?Prairie Woman of CO...more

Where are you going, Cowboy?

Where are you going, Cowboy?I see you across the prairieTall and rugged on your horse.Your wide-brimmed hatIs shading your face.Where are you going, Cowboy?Don’t you know?I’ve been waiting on this prairieFor you to visit my place. Prairie Woman of CO...more