Running Uphill

Okay, this week, it became apparent that my teenagers were, well, teenagers. No, they didn't literally eat me out of house and home. Could have been, but not this time.  They didn't freeze me out of their lives by not talking to me for some perceived infraction against their (perceived) maturity.  And no, they didn't actually know more than me. Rather, we've run head-on into the whole muddle of relationships with the opposite sex....more

How Homeschooling Took Over My Life

Color me as excited as any school kid at this time of year. The school season is almost at an end. At least, it is at our house. That's because we homeschool....more

My Katie Holmes Moment

If you’ve looked my blog lately, it’s hard to not pick up on the fact that recently I ran a marathon. But only one.  Just one itty-bitty marathon.  And I know several people that have run more than one.  They’ve run many, several, and multiple marathons, in fact. So while I don’t want to diminish my accomplishment, I know that it’s really a paltry one compared to  friends and family that have run, oh, more than 4 or 5. ...more

I'm proud I did it, so thanks for the congrats!more