Schwarzenegger, John Edwards: The Good News About These Cheaters

Arnold Schwarzenegger. John Edwards. These two news-makers are not necessarily my heroes. But reading about the mess they've found themselves in has given me some level of comfort these past few days....more

Planning Ahead: What If I'm Pregnant?

As I get closer to "revelation day" -- the day when I do find out if this month's attempt to conceive is a success (or not) -- I couldn't help but wonder if it's smart for me to be planning my days around the possibility of getting pregnant. "Possibility" being the operative word....more

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…to be Disappointed

Okay, so that headline is pretty much just a play on words -- sparked by my recent encounter with the book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting....more

Trying to Get Pregnant: Is Salicylic Acid Safe?

If you're like me -- trying not to go crazy over trying to conceive (TTC) -- you've probably Googled almost every topic you could think of about pregnancy or TTC.  I've already blogged about a few of them here... Ovulation Predictor Kits... HSG test... the use of lubricants....more

Hmm, good question. I'm not sure. I will tell you that I used it while trying to get pregnant, ...more

PMS: Pregnancy Malfunction Syndrome

I hope my BBT thermometer survives this cycle. You see, for the past few months, a few BBT thermometers have fallen victims to my unmanageable PMS. When I see my temperature drop at the end of my cycle, I naturally get frustrated, knowing that I will be getting my period soon. Poor BBT thermometers have been sent flying across the bedroom and rendered useless....more