Thoughts and Worries on Being Pregnant Again

I recently just found out that I'm pregnant again. We were trying, so it isn't something that comes as a shock to me. Honestly, I'm a bit shocked that it took as long as it did, seeing as how we did the deed a few times a day over the last few months. That's not really what my concern is. Or what's been racing through my mind. ...more

Calling in reinforcements: Kiddo's going to grandma's

I have decided that I am not and cannot deal with this terrible two thing for one more second today. When the whining and screaming starts at 3-something in the am it's enough to want to claw your eyes out. Speaking of eyes, I've been so stressed out, always on the defensive, that my eyelid has started twitching every 10 seconds or so and I can't see out my eye....more

Munchkin's sleep disorder finally has a name

After many, many, many, many  sleepless nights, my munchkin's sleep disorder finally has a name. Unfortunately, his sleep disorder also comes with a second diagnosis (on top of his autism) that we will have to have nailed down as well before we will finally see some results. I'm sure you've all heard of the one parent that complains that their infant never  slept through the night, waking more frequently than you ever thought could be humanly possible, living on so little sleep that you thought they, (and you), would die of exhaustion. ...more
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