Lauren Bacall, an Icon of Seductive Style

I am pretty sure Lauren Bacall was a feline in a former life. I was always captivated by her sleek saunter across a movie set, the silky purr of her voice and tantalizing flip of her sculpted hair, exposing a seductive look. She was as magnificent as the beautiful wardrobe she chose for each photo op. ...more
A Well Styled Life Sadly is right. I am confounded by what I see women wearing, but you have to ...more

The Mourning After: Funeral fashion at NY Fashion Week

I have been fascinated with death since I was a child. I grew up in a devout Catholic family, straight off the boat from 1960s Communist Poland....more

What's on your holiday wish list, America? Botox or Dentures?

The Thanksgiving Day weekend shopping numbers are in and it doesn't look pretty. Retailers were hoping to see bigger profits during Black Friday weekend....more