My Story!

FACT: 1 in 3 girls are sexually abused before they turn 18 according to the FBI 2009 Report. My Story My name is Ruby L Taylor, MSW and I am the founder of The Priceless Campaign. I was molested as a child and forced to stay silent. I was raised to suffer my torment in silence, and the adults I turned to for help told me the same thing my abuser did; that I was not to tell anyone about the abuse or suffer the consequences....more

The Priceless Campaign Launch

I have a dream and vision to uplift teenage girls by gaining the support of teenagers (boys & girls), parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, social workers, mentors, and anyone willing to help. My vision is to spread the truth about teenage girls. As a women I remember the labels put on teenage girls and me fearing and living up to the labels and stigmas once I hit my teenage years....more

My Thoughts After My Uncle's Funeral

Today I drove home from my Uncle James' funeral, from Baltimore to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and I realized life is too short, not to live with purpose and passion. For over 11 years working as an educator and social worker I saw a need to empower teenage girls to their greatness by helping them develop their self-confidence. Watching many teenage girls hurt and make poor DECISIONS because they did not feel worthy made my heart break. Instead of just screaming something must be done, I looked at my teenage years and thought what inspired me?...more

How to Encourage Your Teen When She Disappointments You!

Have you ever been disappointed by your teenage daughter/niece/sister? If so this is a great blog post for you to enjoy YOU ARE PRICELESS!...more

Empowering Teenage Girls to Embrace Their True Self-Worth


The Priceless Project Day of Awareness

Tomorrow is The Priceless Project Day of Awareness we need your voice to help us empower women and girls across the United States, tweet about The Priceless Project tomorrow send an email to your family and friends and post it on Facebook and/or create a blog post and ask others to do the same. Together We Can Empower Women and Girls to know our true value. WE ARE PRICELESS YOU ARE PRICELESS! ...more


RECOGNIZE, CELEBRATE AND INSPIRE THE FEMALE PRICELESS SPIRITFor Females Only ARE YOU PRICELESS?Are you tired of what others consider BEAUTIFUL?Are you sick of mistakes making you feel worthless?If you answered YES to any of the above questions, CONSIDERJOINING THE I AM PRICELESS PICTURE PROJECTI AM PRICELESS PICTURE PROJECTChanging the World, One Picture at a Time...more

What Are You Worth?

WHAT AM I WORTH? The PRICELESS PROJECT originated in 2007 when I (Ruby L. Taylor) wrote the poem What Am I Worth? for my niece and other hurting women and girls. WHAT AM I WORTH? If my mother does not love – Am I worth love? If my father does not protect me – Am I worth protection? If my family curses at me and calls me names – Am I worth respect and kindness? If my teacher’s does not educate me – Am I worth education? If my community calls me a failure – Am I worth success? WHAT AM I WORTH? ...more
Very nice post! Easier said than done sometimes. :)more