Family Dinner: What to Bring

The evidence is quite conclusive.  Family dinner is a good idea.  It is not easy to make it happen but we know we should.   My house is wild with after school activities.  But even in the mayhem of four children in several directions, family dinner happens.  It is not always the perfect picture of a family, at home, around a dining room table, laden with delicious food.  Sometimes it is just me, with some of my kids, sharing a pizza at a table in a hockey rink.  But regardless of the venue, there are a few things to bring to a family dinner to make th...more

Looking Good At Work: The Motherhood Penalty

It has been often acknowledged that working women pay a tremendous price for motherhood. Lost wages due to maternity leaves or missed promotions. But a recent conversation with a working mom colleague triggered a question about another penalty on working moms, a loss of beauty, and the financial impact of attractiveness in the workplace?The conversation was simple and familiar. My colleague was frustrated by feeling that she had lost her physical attractiveness since having kids. She had gained weight and people regularly noted that she looked exhausted....more

Fitness Expiriment: Move Like An Eight Year Old

Fitness resolutions are a drag.  Getting to the gym in January is cold, dark and tedious.  So how can you improve your fitness without being so serious?  I have decided that the solution is to “move like an eight year old”. ...more