Taking it One Snow Day At A Time

This past week, the flizzard of all forecasts had my entire family trapped inside the house for an entire day. When I say the entire family, that includes my husband and the incredible amount of detailed work he had to do. I was grateful that we were all together, safe and sound in a warm home. I was even more excited because my husband is the master chef in our home (if it wasn't for him we'd be living on cream cheese and matzo). So, this snow day inspired something that he had never prepared before and it was incredible....more

You Don't Have To Be Jewish To Love Kosher Food

I am really looking forward to attending Blogher '09. I look forward to meeting the people behind the brands that do have kosher certifications such as Quacker, and Tropicana. I am also looking forward to speaking with Wal-Mart about the large quantity of kosher consumers, both Jewish and non-Jewish, that are frequent shoppers. ...more