Even a Cookie Can Remember

As I set out to decimate my pristine kitchen with flour, granules of turbinado, bits of eggshell I'm sure to have to fish out of the mixing bowl, and oblong rings of vanilla extract where the messy over-pour ran down the sides of the dark plastic bottle, I see a gauzy Christmas scene in the reflection of a course raw sugar crystal. Two blondes, one great, one small... ...more
Beautiful.  Thankful for the memories which are beautiful and messy and real.  Merry Christmas.more

Love and Autism: "I Married An Aspie"

My love and I have not always had the perfect relationship. Oh who am I kidding, we still don't; there's one fairytale that will never ride off the silver screen on a white horse. Sorry ladies. ...more
CaraCreager Oh Cara, there is someone perfectly aligned with you, no doubt about it. We are all ...more

Why I Still Believe in Ghosts, and Undead Things Hiding Under my Bed

Do you remember when you stopped being afraid of the dark? When you no longer needed to check underneath your bed for a dead, creeping thing rotting alongside the dust bunnies and missing Monopoly game pieces?...more

And She Was a Cutter

 Dear The Whole Wide World, I was a cutter. Yes, a cutter. One of those emo freaks with a razor blade and a hoodie, scratching poetry into her notebook and prayers into her arms. And I’m here to say, “Look, here is me, here are my scars, and I’m ok. And it’s ok to be not ok. Into every life, a little ‘not ok’ must fall. But I got up. I learned to walk. Then to thrive. Then to be fully alive. And if I can come out on the other side with grace, then anyone can”. ...more

A Fertility Roast

 With your Roastmaster, Dr. Dream Crusher.  ...more