Sleepless nights

Minutes tick by. Hours drag on. This anxiety in my chest settles in and makes me restless ....more

Livestock will keep you humble

There’s nothing quite like livestock to keep you humble. I say that because we have these two steer. Calves, really ....more

My dog was hit by a car

I was sitting at the computer, nursing, surfing facebook. “There’s someone here!” the children shouted. I looked up to see our neighbor at the door ....more

Making marriage work

So apparently, a reddit user recently asked what makes a successful marriage. I thought that was easy. Stubborness ....more

On saving frostbitten potatoes. And hope after loss.

So I finally got to taking some pictures of my property. Nice pictures showing cute little calves. The goslings our mama goose hatched out ....more

In which I run screaming down the road. Because of a honeybee.

I thought someone stole my beehive. Driving by on my way to town, I noticed it just wasn’t there. As I put my car into reverse to double check, I imagined someone cruising down the highway as my bees attacked ....more

Announcing our litter of English Shepherd puppies!

On February 3 and 4, Faithfull delivered her litter of ten in the whelping box my husband and children had made for her just the day before. Nothing like cutting it close! This is her not quite sure she likes her set up ....more

Aquaponics in winter

OK, so last spring, we started on this aquaponics adventure. It was sort of my husband’s thing, but I like projects. Especially ones that involve ways to grow food ....more

An answer to prayer

I sit, holding Asa, watching him sleep. Mookie leans over to give him a kiss. I smile ....more

Frozen gifts

So, on New Year’s Eve, the kids and I drove all the way out to Creston, IA to watch Frozen with my husband. It’s about the beautiful princess Elsa who has the weird (and somewhat useless) power to freeze things. Once I got over that, I enjoyed the movie ....more