What's in Your Kid's Toy Box?

You know how kids nowadays have a stupid amount of toys? Well...more

A Tribute to My Loves

I've inadvertently been on an extended blogger break. I guess I've had other things to focus on lately. End of summer, start of school, completely organizing my house (yeah, I have no idea what that's all about), turning one year older.. ....more

When you take the cat to the vet, don’t take your kids!

Taking Sam to the vet gives me a stupid amount of anxiety. It’s impossible to get him into the crate without one of us getting scratched and/or pulling a muscle. The kids swarm at the same time because MOMMY IS HOLDING THE CAT! ...more

Fifty Shades of I Don’t Wanna Be a Nympho

Happy Thursday, lovelies! I have a special surprise for you today. Her name is Kristen Mae coming from Abandoning Pretense ....more

Never Caught A Single Fishy

There are only four weeks left of summer. Yeesh, what happened?! Only 154 days till Christmas!!! ...more

No, my phone case IS NOT a picture of Justin Bieber!

A year ago, I finally upgraded my phone to the iPhone 5. I had a 3 before and it was super outdated. I hate it when my technology is so outdated I can't upgrade to the cool apps ....more

Bang Bang, Baby

Wow. What a nice long weekend that was?! I was super productive in all the wrong ways ....more

I'm So FANCY, You Already Know!

I like to think that I follow my own advice. I clearly don't. It's a really stupid idea to take your kids with you to the vet ....more

Goldfish will make you Jump, Jump

You like that title? ^^ Eh, eh? Kriss Kross, anyone? ...more

Damn Crackers

learning bad things from her mama(like how to take a silly selfie) All J wanted to do on Father's Day was to go golfing. So I sent him golfing with his buddies. It was only after he left and 20 minutes of arguing with my 3-year-old that we DO NOT HAVE STRAWBERRY YOGURT, or cereal, or really anything else to eat, that we needed to go to the grocery store.I hate taking the kids to the grocery store ....more